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Pro Flat Roofing Ltd is a specialist waterproofing company, carrying out flat roofing, green roof garden installation and pond lining. Based in Paignton, Devon, we operate across the South West of England. We use the most advanced EPDM roof membranes on the market, to deliver quality, and value for money. We are quality focused and customer driven, and would love to provide you with longer lasting rubber roofing for peace of mind.

Do you have a flat roofing problem, live in the South West of England and need some professional advice or a comparative quote? Pro Flat Roofing Ltd are here to help! Whether its a large, small or unique project, roof leak, or you are simply confused about what you should do, we can provide Free Quotes and Advice without obligation!!

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We pride ourselves in providing a quality focused and customer driven service, applying attention to detail, whether its for a few square metres, or a few thousand. As our name suggests, Pro Flat Roofing Ltd is a professional company specialising in flat roof waterproofing. We provide a wide range of flat roofing services, including green roof garden installation, and EPDM pond lining.

Flat roofing, green roof gardens, waterproofing products & services

Pro Flat Roofing Ltd offer a wide range of flat roofing and green roof garden installation products and services throughout the South West of England. These include, but are not limited to installing a new flat roof, carrying out flat roof replacement, flat roof maintenance, and EPDM pond lining, as well as intensive and extensive green roof gardens. We install a top quality EPDM roof membrane, using advanced manufacturing and installation methods. All our work comes with a 20 Year Guarantee, on both our product and workmanship! For more information you may be intersted to see one of our frequently visited pages below:

Green roof garden installation projects

Large Urban Intensive Green Roof

We undertake a range of green roof garden projects for both intensive and extensive green roofs, in the domestic and commercial sectors. Our green roof garden installation process delivers a quality and robust roof garden, to suit your requirements and intended purpose. Initially this starts with a solid fondation, either applying a new flat roof, or through undertaking flat roof replacement, using our durable EPDM roof membrane. We deliver this by combining quality workmanship, with an advanced EPDM roof membrane and installation methods. This ensures your green roof garden is built to last, while it comes with a 20 Year Guarantee for peace of mind. For more info on green roof gardens, a FREE Quote or Advice, Request a Callback, or Contact Us.

Flat roofing services from flat roofing replacement to new flat roof works

Benefits for Commercial Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is our bread and butter. Pro Flat Roofing Ltd is a specialist flat roofing company using only quality flat roofing products and advanced EPDM roof membranes, which outperform and outlast most other rival waterproofing systems, while showing why conventional systems like felts, are outdated and have been superseeded. Unlike most other systems, the EPDM rubber roof systems we use are also designed, used and specified for extreme waterproofing projects such as EPDM pond lining and structural tanking. On top of this, our choice of EPDM waterproofing systems can be measured, fabricated and installed quicker than most other roofing products. Based in Paignton, Devon, we operate across the South West of England working in the domestic and commercial sectors, installing new flat roofs and carrying out flat roof replacement, alongside many other flat roofing services. To discuss our flat roofing services, get a FREE Quote or Advice, Contact Us.

Water garden pond lining, flexible pond liners and EPDM pond installation

Flexible Pond Liners

We undertake the installation of water garden pond lining in much the same way as we do our flat roofing works. Our EPDM pond installation systems use the same EPDM roof membranes, which are ideal as flexible pond liners. When undertaking EPDM pond installation it is important to use a quality system, which is built to last and able to stand the test of time. Imagine having to empty your pond due to a defective product. Our systems provide complete peace of mind, knowing they are manufactured and installed with the purpose of delivering longevity and robustness in harsh conditions. To get more info on our EPDM pond lining, a FREE Quote & Advice, Request a Callback or Contact Us.

The importance of using quality flat roofing products and waterproofing systems

EPDM Waterproofing Membrane

Pro Flat Roofing Ltd only use quality, proven flat roofing products. We most commonly install EPDM rubber roofing systems, while also using silicone roof coating systems on a lot of projects for their robustness, longevity and effectiveness in almost all situations. A good EPDM system ensures complete security to stop water ingress, while allowing any existing moisutre to permeate through on a hot day (this is important for existing moisture trapped in the roof to be able to escape). Only quality flat roofing systems can ensure your structure is fully waterproofed under difficult weather conditions. To carry out waterproofing works, we usually use the same EPDM rubber membrane system as we do for undertaking new flat roofs, flat roof replacement, green roof gardens, and EPDM pond installation. This should provide peace of mind knowing the systems we use are capable of dealing with high volumes of constant water flow, as well as showing its durability against other factors such as root penetration and extreme temperatures. To get help choosing the right waterproofing system, a FREE Quote or Advice, Contact Us.

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